Fix Bigo Live Connector Not Working

Bigo LiveĀ  is an application launched by Bigo Technology. After the success of Bigo Live, they have advanced with this new application called Bigo Live Connector. With more than 50 million users of Bigo Live – Live Stream, Bigo Live Connector – Bigo launches its new “Bigo Live application where you can easily share your PC screen or your mobile screen with Bigo Live Community. Bigo Connector is very useful because it attracts users to transmit their PC directly. The Bigo Live PC connector is essential for all Bigo live users since it allows you to transmit PC games.

Why Bigo live connector not working?

If you received “Your device is not compatible” or “Error code: 27” when you open the BIGO LIVE Connector for PC, it means that your computer is not compatible. If you irritated with this error with the app then you can delete bigo account from your device, but this is very good app we can enjoy and earn as well. So try to read below solutions and fix it

Why is the live broadcast suddenly blurred?

The PC connector will choose the best resolution for the current live transmission according to the Internet connection speed. If possible, check your Internet speed and switch to a better network environment.

Why there is black screen while streaming LOL option?

If you use Windows 10, run BIGO LIVE PC Connector as administrator; otherwise, some games may not be recorded. See the image below for more information about authorisation. If you can not solve the problem, send your comments in the upper right corner of the PC Connector QR Code page, and we will try to resolve it as soon as possible.

Why is there a delay when live video games are broadcast?

The speed of your live broadcast is determined by your network environment, computer specifications, Internet connection speed, phone settings, etc. If most users pause in your room, you can check the network environment and the configuration of the computer. It is normal to have a delay of a few seconds between your phone and the computer.

How to move the menu bar while playing games?

You can drag the menu bar anywhere on your page. Press the blank area in the subject line to move the menu bar. Press and hold the left corner of the menu bar, then drag and drop it on the screen where you want on your page.

Why Bigo Live App?

There are certain features of the bigo live Android connector and they are all going to blow your mind in its entirety. These are some of the main features that you will get from the application:

There is a great option on the bigo live connector download PC that will allow you to socialize with the best celebrities in different fields. You can meet YouTube stars and even celebrities on Facebook. This tool is one of the best supports you’ll find in Bigo, which is not available in any of the live applications.

Bigo Live will give you the opportunity to be a new celebrity. You can get in touch with all your consumers, and that will allow you to be a celebrity by natural means. This is one of the best supports offered by the bigo live connector for windows, which is almost equivalent to YouTube.

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